Ireland Generator and Spare Parts Ltd can supply a wide range of control systems, whether for use as the prime supplier of power or as a standby to the mains utility. We use Deep Sea & Woodward control modules that will allow either manual or automatic control of the generator set.

Ireland Generator Control Systems features.

  • Manual and Auto start control panels
  • Remote monitoring packages (Can Bus)
  • Load monitoring devices Market leading Microprocessor Synchronizing GCP controllers.
  • Gen to Gen / Gen to Mains
  • SocomecAutomatic Mains Failure Panels Custom Built Summation Sync Panels
Ireland Generator Control Panels

Automatic Load Transfer Switch (ATS)

The Automatic Load Transfer switch panel is designed for automatic load switching from Mains supply to Generator supply in the event of a full or partial Mains Failure.

Ireland Generator and Spare Parts Ltd offer Socomec digital switches between 40-3200 amps. Learn more

Automatic Synchronising

Where more than one generator set is required to supply the maximum total load then we can supply each Generator set with an automatic start / automatic synchronising / automatic load share / load management control panel which may be set mounted.